Kiro Beauty

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With a genuine mix of integrity and darn good efficacy Kiro was born.
A clean beauty makeup brand that upholds our set-in-stone belief that you should indulge in makeup that is filled with goodness, goodness and more goodness!

Our cosmetics products are high on impact, astoundingly long lasting and super unconventional. It is makeup that liberates you and keeps your skin breathing. We think you are meant to own your beauty game and the one way to do it is to indulge in Kiro!

We are taking today’s beauty regime one step forward by infusing ingredients that pamper and protect the skin. Our in-house cosmetic products are 100% vegan, animal cruelty free and paraben free. Here you’ll find lush and plush eye makeup, face makeup and lip makeup all crafted to absolute perfection.

Skincare is a journey not a milestone and it starts with you indulging mindfully. So Kiro is our step towards a makeup revolution, because we believe that makeup that is good for you shouldn’t be kept away from you.

This is the future of clean beauty. When are you stepping in?

Kiro’s Vision – Define your own Beautiful

We have put in massive amounts of love into making Kiro your go-to clean beauty makeup brand. Kiro for us is synonymous to change, a change that has been much needed in the traditional beauty industry. We want to break away from prosaic beauty norms and standards and give each one of you the leeway to define beauty.

And while you are at it you can indulge all you want without a blot of worry. Our cosmetic products are made with utmost care. Infused with various enriching carrier oils this clean beauty makeup collection soothes, nourishes and hydrates your skin.

It is time you define beauty your way, but this time with immaculate care. Your skin deserves it.

Impactful. Virtuous. Stunning. Kiro

What if we tell you that you do not have to choose between makeup that performs and makeup that is good for you?

We believe that true beauty comes with good skincare. Which means makeup products that not only make you look beautiful but also make you feel beautiful.

In our quest to making Kiro the holy grail of clean beauty makeup brands we have adopted the unconventional route.

Skincare infused

Argan Oil. Mango Seed Oil. Jojoba Oil. Avocado Oil. You name it. Kiro has well realised the importance of natural good-looking skin. Our makeup products are filled with carrier oils and ingredients that are more than just safe for your skin. They hydrate, moisturize, soften and glow up your beautiful skin.


100% Vegan

We said it! Our cosmetic products are 100% vegan. Most of the ingredients we use are plant based. This means no animal products or animal by-products were used in making our clean beauty makeup champions. Kiro is a conscious step towards making better choices. Mindfully crafted to be more kind, more loving and more caring.


No Parabens

Parabens are preservatives that effect the hormonal function of your body, they are also linked to various kinds of cancers. Our clean beauty products are paraben free and hence there is no question of harm. You can completely indulge in Kiro, and while you are at it you are opting for better looking skin!


Cruelty Free

Just a quick reminder that the furry beings are our friends!
We do not experiment on animals or use them for our cosmetic products. Kiro is completely animal cruelty free because they deserve our love, not our torture.


Designed for You

Kiro has been designed keeping you in mind.
Its clean structure, exotic print, fierce colour palette and conscious essence speaks the language of the Millennial and Gen-Z masses. Kiro is a representation of clean beauty today. Liberating, empowering and reflecting you.

The Making of Kiro’s Products

One reason to love Kiro is for what it does to your skin. It brings out your innate beauty through simple unconventional clean cosmetics.

We are proud of what our cosmetic products are made of and what they help your skin achieve. Our clean beauty formula combines a mindful infusion of both natural and synthetic ingredients, and this is exactly what will make you fall in love with Kiro.

The infusion of botanical ingredients right from the bountiful lap of nature is the reason why our clean beauty products help you attain the naturally fresh and glamourous look that you love. Every one of Kiro’s cosmetic product is bestowed with a velvety texture and an intense colour pay-off. These features are the crowning jewels of our clean beauty products, you won’t find anything like this.

So, if you are a sucker for a brand that endorses vegan, cruelty free and clean beauty makeup products with exceptional performance in terms of pigment and stunning looks then this one is for you!

It is simple, unconventional and skincare infused.

Designed Intelligently.
Designed to Perform.

Clean beauty is perceived to be mundane and utterly unglamourous, but the one question that kept stirring our minds was a big fat Why?

Kiro is a colour impactive makeup brand that endorses clean beauty products, but we were not going to stop at simple packaging. It was time to make a bold statement, because why should toxic brands have all the fun?

The floral packaging and the sensational hues of orange and blue vouche for a playful yet serious image and that is exactly what we had in mind.

We are all for giving you makeup products with serious pay-off, but who said good has to be plain and basic. We think our good is packaged with an exotic, fun and dramatic look, so that you are not just wearing style, but also flaunting it!