Mama Earth

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Products with a purpose “Why”

Hey, I think we should have a bug repellant in our range. Well, that’s not how product decisions are taken at MamaEarth. We first understand what the problem is, then get into the depth of what’s causing the problem.

Inspired by Latest Research

We then refer to our panel of experts to understand what the latest scientific & Ayurveda research has to say about solutions. We have some awarded scientists & doctors who work with us to develop our formulations. Lots of meetings, interviews and research paper readings later, the decision on product concept is taken.

Understood by large Board of Moms who guide us

We talk to our panel of mums to get a deeper understanding of the issue. These mums guide us on nuances of the issue and why current solutions do not work for them. We understand from them not just what they want in the product, but also in packaging.