"Our products are made with love and without compromise, with mother nature making her presence felt strongly, everything we create retains the good and rejects the bad to give you a product that is as pure as a mother's love."


Our journey started back in 2012 when I moved back home from London.
My 1-year-old daughter had extremely dry skin which would get red & itchy and any exposure to chemical irritants would flare it up. I struggled till 1 day a doctor offered a simple change - shift to a safer, natural moisturiser and that finally helped.

But I couldn’t find any Natural, Toxin-free products for her and my only option was to import everything - from washes to diapers, even clothes with soft fabrics. After speaking to over 200 moms, I was surprised to know that almost all moms were searching for high quality, natural products that worked well.
The Moms Co. was born out of these discussions with a simple question, “Why should finding something as simple as a Natural Lotion be so hard for a Mom?”
We work with experts across India, Australia & Switzerland to create products that are Safe, Natural and meet the highest standards for ingredient safety around the world. Today, we are on a mission to help Moms make Safe, Natural, Effective choices. 
We would like to welcome you to the family with a promise that we'll work tirelessly to create products that moms like us can use, confidently and fearlessly.